Ethical Sourcing


Ethical Sourcing


Offshore Development

Our developers believe in the reality of your merchandise dreams. With a trusted, global production platform, we are able to manufacture almost anything. Challenge us. (Yeah, that was a bold claim, but we feel pretty good about that statement. Skepticism on the matter is encouraged! Give us the chance to impress you.)


Factory Vetting

Worldwide outreach certainly has its advantages, most notably the opportunity for intense customization at your chosen price point. But hey, it’s a scary world out there. To work with us (and you), our network of offshore factories must each pass a five-step vetting process that includes third-party audits. Our import team is also led by trained auditors who value transparency from sourcing to delivery, and we partner with only accredited testing labs. “Happy-go-lucky” might describe some of us on the weekends, but we take no such approach when it comes to responsible craft.

Social Compliance

#promoteresponsibly is our favorite hashtag for a reason. Being environmentally, ethically and socially sound means that we do what we do with integrity. After all, we are Northwest-dwelling, dog-obsessing, granola-eating, neighbor-loving, “save-our-planet” kind of people. It comes naturally.

“Where do the raw materials come from? What social practices do you follow throughout the supply chain? Are the working conditions on the production floor up to standard? How was this waste disposed?”

Secrets don’t make friends – not with us, at least. Ask us all the questions, and we’ll answer you truthfully and knowledgeably. An open line of communication is in the framework of everything we do, especially when it comes to talking about our geeky sense of responsibility!